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My Homework

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  alt-text       WEEKLY HOMEWORK NOTES  

      Please check your child's backpack every night for his/her school folder. One side of the folder is for notices, projects, and work that has been completed and may stay at home.  The other side is for homework to be completed and returned the next day, unless otherwise noted.  It is important that you clean out the folder every night, as there may be important information about the following day.

     Please make sure that your child writes his/her name on top of the homework.  Your child will not receive credit for the completed homework if I cannot figure out who belongs to the papers.  Thank you for your help.

     The following is a general list of what you can expect to come home every night.  There will occasionally be exceptions to this, so please check the folders nightly.

Monday - Reading page (letter of the week), and/or a math workbook page.          

Tuesday - Take home journal - due back to school on Wednesday (will not begin in Sept) ; also a math workbook page.  

Wednesday - Reading and/or math workbook page.

Thursday - Reading (sight words) and/or math worksheet.

Friday - No homework