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My Links

My Links

     The following is a list of websites for you and your child to visit for some extra practice and discovery.  The Math websites vary in age range and difficulty level.  I have provided the links to each website, easily obtained by clicking on the name of the site.  Enjoy 


Think Central

Companion website to our math and reading series 

Star Fall

Math is Fun

Great website for all grade levels, especially when learning or refreshing number facts. 

Cool Math

A+ Math

Fun Educational Games in a Variety of Subjects

Fun Brain

A wonderful site that contains lots of fun games and activities for you to choose from on a variety of topics. 

Discovery School

This is a great site for students, teachers, and parents. It is dedicated to making learning an exciting adventure. Happy exploring. 


Need a new way to practice those weekly spelling words? This is the place to start.


This is a fun website for those interested in Art.

Spelling Fun