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  Every year I turn our classroom into a DOJO! Boys and girls a "DOJO" is a room or a "training hall" in which judo and other martial arts are practiced.   Martial arts comes from Japanese origin. Martial arts is the art of self-defense. Some types of martial arts include: judo, karate, and kendo etc.   IMPORTANT: Once you are in a DOJO, certain behaviors are expected and we    will follow them in our "Class Dojo."   OUR RULES:   1. Each person must strive for the perfection of one's character (meaning work hard and do your best every day!)                                                                                          :I can accept failure, I can't accept not trying." -Michael Jordan:   2. Each person must be faithful and protect the way of truth (Meaning always be honest, even if we make a mistake.) :IT'S OK to make a mistake! Lying is not:   3.Each person must persevere (meaning to never give up! You can do it! Challenge yourself everyday!)                                                                                    : In 2-CA we call it "Building Stamina":   4.Each person must respect others and the rules of etiquette( Meaning, treat others the way they would like to be treated, and follow classroom behaviors)               :Golden Rule!"   5. Each person must refrain from violent behavior (meaning there will be no bullying, hitting, name calling etc.) : In 2-CA, we "STICK TOGETHER":     alt-text